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On-Demand Encryption

Rapid and cost-effective options to
secure collaboration with business partners
and clients

Rapid project ramp up and get going fast
Lowest cost on-demand service
Minimized IT overhead
Full integration with on-premise solution
Email, Files and Documents protected wherever they go

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Easy to Use Email, File
and Document Encryption

Protect client confidentiality with easy to use, on-demand email, file and document encryption

Designed for Business Professionals
Easy to use, no setup required
No software and no purchase needed for recipients
Integrates with Microsoft Office 2007
Low cost subscription

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Voltage SecureMail is the world's easiest to use and most powerful solution for protecting your email communications. Designed for individuals and organizations that need to easily and securely communicate sensitive information via email. No software and no purchase necessary for your recipients to read and reply to secure messages.

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Voltage SecureFile is the most simple, powerful and cost-effective solution for protecting documents and files. Designed for individuals and organizations that need to easily and securely collaborate on files. Voltage SecureFile is bundled with Voltage SecureMail Cloud.

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